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What Is EagleFeeRewards?

EagleFeeRewards is a unique program designed to share revenues with eligible claimants whose  claims generate a significant number of offers. Here’s how it works: if  your claim attracts more than five offers you become eligible  to share with EagleFee the revenue generated by your claim to a maximum amount of $200. Lawyers pay  EagleFee $25 to send an offer of representation to you.  The first 5 offers, or $125,  goes to EagleFee to cover its expenses and to run this site. You are eligible to receive the fees from Offers 6 and 7 ($25-$50) as a Reward for posting your claim on EagleFee. If your claim attracts more than 7 offers, you are eligible to split the additional revenue with EagleFee  on a 50/50 basis to a maximum Reward of $200 per claim.  In order to receive any Reward you must claim it from EagleFee within 30 days of the expiration of your listing. Eligible Claimed Rewards will be paid within 90 days of the expiration of your listing. Information about how to claim a Reward can be found on Your Account page and in the Terms and Conditions.