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Special Instructions for Potential Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical Malpractice claims are often subject to special rules and handled by lawyers who concentrate their practices, to a certain degree, on this type of claim. Because fault issues are often raised in existing medical reports,  rather than separate liability reports, these claims are handled slightly differently at Eaglefee. To submit a potential medical malpractice claim, please do the following:

1) Type a document listing the name of the medical care provider(s) or institution you believe may be responsible for your injury.  Do not provide any information about your claim or the type of injury your have suffered at this point. This document will serve as the “liability report” for your claim.

2)Upload the document you created to the Liability Report section on the File Your Claim page.

3) Complete the File Your Claim page and upload to the Medical Report section medical reports identifying the medical condition or the act you believe may have been caused by malpractice.

4) Type Malpractice in the Tags box.

Please be aware that it is possible that the medical care provider(s) identified in your “liability report” will learn that you have submitted a claim to EagleFee. This may affect any ongoing relationship you have with the medical care provider(s).