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Who should use EagleFee?


EagleFee is designed to bring injury victims (claimants) and qualified lawyers together efficiently and at the lowest cost.

In the typical personal injury case, lawyers represent claimants under a contingent fee contract. This is an agreement in which the lawyer agrees to represent the claimant for a percentage of any recovery. The standard percentage fee is around 33 1/3% regardless of the strength of the case. Lawyers who don’t practice injury law often refer or forward claimants to qualified lawyers in return for  a 1/3rd split of the standard fee. This practice is known as fee splittting. Under this system, the lawyer who actually works on the case earns a fee of about 22% while the forwarding lawyer earns more than 11% of any final award. In a case that results in a final award of $100,000  the forwarding lawyer earns more than $11,000 often for doing little more than making a phone call.

EagleFee can lower claimants’ costs and increase qualified lawyers’ revenues in several ways.

First, because qualified lawyers are able to make offers of representation directly to claimants, fee splitting is eliminated. Second, because lawyers are able to review case related documents, like accident and medical reports, before agreeing to representation,  a case appropriate fee can be proposed. Stronger, higher value cases can be handled for a lower fee than more difficult or lower value cases.  Because EagleFee does not require lawyers to preregister or pay a subscription to use the website, many lawyers can review every case and make their best offer of representation to a claimant.   Lawyers working for traditional “defense” firms are able to represent claimants without creating conflicts with or offending institutional clients. Eliminating the margin reseved for forwarding attorneys allows cases to be handled for a lower percentage fee without decreasing revenues for the hardworking lawyers  who actually prosecute cases.