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Invite a Lawyer

EagleFee introduces an exciting new feature that gives you even more control over your listing.  Invite a Lawyer allows you to invite up to five lawyers to review your claim.  Been told about a good lawyer by a friend?  Read about a local lawyer who just won a big trial?  Researched lawyers in your area and identified several that you might like to represent you?  Invite a Lawyer  allows you  to send invitations to lawyers of your choosing.  Lawyers you select will receive a simple  email inviting them to review a new claim  on EagleFee.  A link is provided allowing  lawyers to view your claim quickly.  No lawyer will know who or how many other lawyers you have invited to review your claim. Claimants should avoid inviting counsel already representing opposing parties from reviewing a claim

Invite a Lawyer provides you with all of EagleFee’s advantages without any of the disadvantages  of contacting  lawyers individually.  If you call a particular lawyer about representation,  chances are your claim will be assigned the “standard contingent fee” customary in the region.  Invite a Lawyer allows you to contact specific lawyers and have them review your claim through EagleFee; this means  both the lawyers you invite as well as other lawyers interested in representing you will be able to offer you representation. This assures your claim will be subject to the efficiencies and and advantages afforded by a market based system. Invite a Lawyer in no way  prevents other lawyers visiting EagleFee from reviewing your claim.