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How Is EagleFee different?

EagleFee is different from other online legal sites in several ways.  First, EagleFee focuses solely on contingent fee cases; this eliminates the possibility that claimants will be charged a lower hourly fee but more hours to accomplish the same task. Second, EagleFee requires claimants to post only reports prepared by third parties; this prevents the disclosure of potentially damaging, uncounseled information on the web and allows lawyers to review official investigatory information in order to evaluate a case. Third, EagleFee allows any lawyer to review cases without payment or preregistration; lawyers only incur a fee if they decide to make an offer of representation to a claimant.  Finally, because EagleFee only posts third-party reports,  lawyers who typically work for institutional clients are free to review listings and make offers where conflicts do not exist; claimants are given access to experienced trial lawyers from both the plaintiffs’ and defense bars.