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We cut out the fat

EagleFee is a new forum that allows injury victims and interested trial lawyers to communicate directly. By eliminating fee-splitting, EagleFee lowers the cost of legal representation to the claimant and increases the fees trial lawyers retain.  Here’s how it works: claimants post official reports about their claims-accident reports, medical summaries, photographs etc.-on EagleFee.  These listings are available for any lawyer to review; no preregistration is required!  Find a claimant you’d like to represent?  Email an offer of up to 500 words highlighting your qualifications, case analysis and proposed contingent fee to the claimant for  $25.00. That’s all there is to it.

Lawyers analyze cases based on third party reports.  Informed offers are made directly to claimants thereby eliminating forwarding lawyers and the necessity of fee-splitting.  Claimants compare the offers received and decide which lawyers to follow up with.

EagleFee empowers claimants to research lawyers before deciding who is best suited to prosecute a particular claim.  Lawyers are empowered to take charge of their practices by directly marketing their talents  to claimants in need of representation.

For a more detailed discussion of the rational behind and the mechanics of EagleFee please read through this BLOG and the FAQ section of the website.