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This blog is devoted to explaining the website EagleFee and why both injury victims and lawyers should use it.  EagleFee is a website that introduces injured people to real trial lawyers.  It allows the exchange of detailed case information so that the client and lawyer can come to an informed decision on what is a fair fee for the representation.  EagleFee is very different from other web-based services purportedly designed to connect clients and lawyers.  EagleFee does not recommend specific lawyers either directly or indirectly through advertising.  It does not pre-select the lawyers who can review a case.  EagleFee is an open forum that allows maximum exposure of a case to the greatest number of lawyers.  In short, EagleFee is a market based system allowing injury victims to  obtain representation at a fair rate based upon the facts of their actual case.

This blog will explore the following topics in future postings:

  1. The How and Why of  EagleFee;
  2. Why you should use EagleFee;
  3. How EagleFee corrects a historical inefficiency in the Tort system;
  4. How EagleFee saves both clients and lawyers money;
  5. How EagleFee helps any qualified lawyer’s practice grow and;
  6. Additional topics as the discussion develops