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  • EagleFee’s Free-Market Approach to Contingent Fees

    Letting the free-market determine a fair contingent fee for legal claims has many benefits.  First, the fee will match the merits of the case. Valuable, minimal risk cases will pay a lower percentage fee than difficult or less valuable claims.  Second, proposals of representation created by interested attorneys  will provide claimants with valuable insights  about

  • The Advantages of Merit-Based Contingent Fees

      Merit-based contingent fees benefit accident victims in several ways.  First, the percentage of any recovery allocated to attorney fees is tailored to the specifics of the claim.  Second, because the strength, or merits of the claim, are determined in an open market the claimant receives important information concerning the value of the case. Third,

  • Introduction

    This blog is devoted to explaining the website EagleFee and why both injury victims and lawyers should use it.  EagleFee is a website that introduces injured people to real trial lawyers.  It allows the exchange of detailed case information so that the client and lawyer can come to an informed decision on what is a

  • We cut out the fat

    EagleFee is a new forum that allows injury victims and interested trial lawyers to communicate directly. By eliminating fee-splitting, EagleFee lowers the cost of legal representation to the claimant and increases the fees trial lawyers retain.  Here’s how it works: claimants post official reports about their claims-accident reports, medical summaries, photographs etc.-on EagleFee.  These listings

  • The How and Why of EagleFee

    The underlying concept of EagleFee is that each injury claim is unique.  Though this may seem self-evident, the traditional legal fee charged claimants fails to account for this fact.  Generally, tort victims are represented on the basis of a contingent fee. A tort is a wrongful act causing injury to another.  A contingent fee contract is

  • Why Injury Victims Should Use EagleFee

    If you’ve been injured, EagleFee offers you the best opportunity to find the right legal representation at a reasonable price.  EagleFee provides a forum for many lawyers to review the facts of your case and then to decide what percentage fee they would charge to represent you.  Lawyers will  also send you a confidential communication


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