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  • Q & A

    WHAT IS EAGLEFEE ? EagleFee is like an electronic bulletin board where people can advertise their legal claims and lawyers can offer to represent them.  Ever see those message boards in grocery stores where people with puppies or trucks to sell tack up pictures or descriptions with their phone numbers? Well, EagleFee is an electronic

  • What does this mean? Glossary

    GLOSSARY   This glossary is included for the benefit of the readers of EagleFee.com. This is necessary for two reasons. First,  some of the terms found on the site may be unfamiliar to visitors.  Second, since many terms are used in a site-specific manner,  with no attempt being made to incorporate alternative definitions, this glossary may

  • State by State List of Useful Sites for Accident Victims

      This is a list of useful links claimants can use to find information about their claims.  It is organized by state and follows the basic format of: information about lawyers, information about law enforcement and finally information about medical facilities in the state.  Users should understand that every state is different in its approach

  • Invite a Lawyer

    EagleFee introduces an exciting new feature that gives you even more control over your listing.  Invite a Lawyer allows you to invite up to five lawyers to review your claim.  Been told about a good lawyer by a friend?  Read about a local lawyer who just won a big trial?  Researched lawyers in your area

  • Why EagleFee?

    EagleFee exists for three reasons: 1)  It’s not fair to claimants to charge a standard percentage (contingent) fee no matter what the merits of their case; 2)  Fee splitting rewards unproductive lawyers at the expense of claimants and working lawyers; and, 3)  Fully qualified attorneys working in traditional defense firms are often excluded from representing

  • How Is EagleFee different?

    EagleFee is different from other online legal sites in several ways.  First, EagleFee focuses solely on contingent fee cases; this eliminates the possibility that claimants will be charged a lower hourly fee but more hours to accomplish the same task. Second, EagleFee requires claimants to post only reports prepared by third parties; this prevents the

  • What Is EagleFeeRewards?

    EagleFeeRewards is a unique program designed to share revenues with eligible claimants whose  claims generate a significant number of offers. Here’s how it works: if  your claim attracts more than five offers you become eligible  to share with EagleFee the revenue generated by your claim to a maximum amount of $200. Lawyers pay  EagleFee $25

  • How do I Submit my Claim?

    Follow these steps to post your Claim: 1) Obtain Claim Specific Reports: What type of reports, and who prepared them will depend on your case. Car accidents involving personal injury or significant property damage are reported by the investigating entity typically local or state law enforcement.  Reports can be obtained from the investigating agency. Claims

  • Special Instructions for Potential Medical Malpractice Claims

    Medical Malpractice claims are often subject to special rules and handled by lawyers who concentrate their practices, to a certain degree, on this type of claim. Because fault issues are often raised in existing medical reports,  rather than separate liability reports, these claims are handled slightly differently at Eaglefee. To submit a potential medical malpractice


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