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To:      Injury Victims and Trial Lawyers
From:  EagleFee.com
Re:      Your Future
Date:   Today


Welcome to EagleFee, the website designed to help Injury Victims connect with Trial Lawyers.


If you are an Injury Victim, EagleFee can help you:

1. Pay lower legal fees;
2. Earn money;
3. Find local trial lawyers;
4. Chose a fair contingent fee; and
5. Decide which lawyers to contact about representation.


If you are a Trial Lawyer, EagleFee can help you:

  6. Find new clients;

  7. Eliminate forwarding fees;

  8. Focus your advertising dollars on people actively looking for representation;

  9. Expand your practice; and

10. Make informed decisions about which cases to pursue.


The Internet now makes it possible for accident victims and trial lawyers to connect without the unnecessary, and costly, interference of referring attorneys. Claimants pay nothing. Lawyers review cases for free and only pay a small fee to communicate offers to claimants after reviewing case specific documents. A fuller explanation of how it all works can be found in the FAQ and Blog sections of the site.


EagleFee, it’s new, it’s easy, try it – you have only unnecessary fees to lose!


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